Call it a food faux pas or whatnot but my first time at Half Saints finally happened. But only because living in the southern city of Bacoor makes it a tad difficult to trek all the way up north to Diliman in Quezon City.

Nevertheless, I arrived on a bipolar Tuesday afternoon alongside the Nolisoli team to ultimately pop my cherry. The collective highlight of which was brought about by chef and co-owner Christine Roque’s new brunch and cocktail menu—whether you want to savor them all together is entirely up to you—but clearly she also had other plans.

“We’ll serve all the brunch dishes and cocktails but we’d like you to try the classics, too,” Roque encourages. In my head, I was like “Do I really need to? At this rate, I’ll be sampling three different menus at the same time.”

Rifling through the Half Saints menu of starters and specials, Roque’s introduction to the restaurant was the perfect welcome for a newbie.

Totaling 12 dishes across two categories (bread and pastries and a specials), the brunch menu exhibits well-loved items done askew that utilize ingredients to their maximum potency.

The two classics I tried—the rich arroz con pollo and the powerhouse appetizer chicharron teriyaki—lent a deceptive complexity in flavors despite the familiarity in form. These, I think, display Roque and partner Jo Arciaga’s aptitude in the kitchen. They keep the foundation effortless amid the subtle shifts in taste, and they aren’t forced at all.

Dragged to brunch

It’s this same formula they wield in their balanced and delightful brunch menu. Totaling 12 dishes across two categories (bread and pastries and a specials), the brunch menu... Read more

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