Ambassadors tour Laperal Mansion, the President's guesthouse

MANILA, Philippines: A guided tour of the nation's most historic homes was organized for ambassadors assigned to the Philippines as part of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s commitment to treasure and preserve the country's history while strengthening diplomatic ties. Diplomats were welcomed at the newly restored Laperal Mansion, which sits along Arlegui Street in San Miguel, Manila, only a few blocks from Malacañang Palace, the official...

The most popular vacation spots the year you were born

Where should you travel to this year? Well, if you're looking for inspiration, why not take a look at top destinations throughout the years? You might even end up visiting the most popular tourist destination in the year you were born! Click on to find out which were the most popular vacation spots from 1950 to 2009.

Magnificent natural parks in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world's most spectacular national parks. From the glaciers of Iceland to the breathtaking waterfalls of Croatia, here are some of Europe's most magnificent national parks.

Historic US forts you need to visit

The United States is peppered with numerous forts, garrisons, and camps—testament to the country's impressive military past. Appearing across the nation as early as the mid-17th century, most of these strongholds were built for defensive purposes. But some served a commercial purpose, as trading posts, for example, or goods depots. Today, many stand as unique National Historic Landmarks, sited within state parks and collected together as fascinating living history museums. Indeed, these installations helped shape American history. Curious? Then click through and learn more.

The best solo trips around the world

Solo traveling can be a daunting prospect sometimes, especially if you have no idea how the culture in your destination of choice works, or how easy it is to get around. But fear not, because the world offers many travel options for all the solo travelers out there. Click through this gallery to discover the best solo trips around the world.

China to send more pandas to US, jump-starting new era of 'panda diplomacy'

By Eduardo Baptista and Bernard Orr BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Wildlife Conservation Association is working with the National Zoo in Washington in an arrangement that could bring more pandas back to the United States, signalling improving diplomatic relations between the two superpowers. China has lent its beloved bears to zoos in various countries over the years as goodwill animal ambassadors

Pay your respects at these presidential burial sites

The gravesites of 39 US presidents are spread across the length of breadth of the country they served, in 23 states and the District of Columbia. They range from simple headstones to elaborate tombs. Many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other more contemporary burial sites are set within the grounds of presidential libraries and museums. But where exactly are these final resting places located? Click through and pay your respects to the deceased presidents of the United States.

BTS BVerse Is Coming to Manila: Ticket Prices + What You Need to Know

Plan your visit accordingly!

Setting the Scenes

Setting the Scenes In 2023, you could go just about anywhere you ever wanted to at the movies: the rural American Midwest of the 1920s; a Lisbon-originating luxury sailing vessel making port calls in Marseilles and Alexandria; the hallowed nether regions of Carnegie Hall and through the Leonard Bernstein estate; and even a dreamy parallel universe in which a pink-outfitted, Mattel-branded icon can accomplish anything…until emotions get a little...

The best free exhibitions in London – get your culture fix and keep your money for coffee

The best free exhibitions in London – get your culture fix and keep your money for coffee - Want to have a fun day out but also save those pennies? These free London art exhibitions are perfect

Ellen Adarna, Derek Ramsay go on an icy adventure in Antarctica

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay are off enjoying the ice and snow in Antarctica! In a collaborative post on Instagram, the celebrity couple shared some snaps of them exploring the icy continent. They posted photos of the penguins, as well as the surrounding mountains and waters. In a separate Instagram post, Derek shared a video of his wife hiking in the snowy mountain. “I’m happy you are happy! You're my best friend and the love of my life...

Express passport suspension extended until June

The five-day service remains suspended due to a high volume of applications, the government says.

4 places in the Philippines you can visit for a sakura-esque experience

Sakura season is almost upon us! The place to be is usually Japan, but if you can't make a trip, good news — you can still experience that magic right here in the Philippines. According to experts, cherry blossom trees can grow in cold areas of the Philippines, but chances are low that flowers would actually bloom. There are, however, similar flowers that grow natively that are just as beautiful. 1. Haight's Farm in Benguet The one place where...

Privately owned spacecraft aims to make moon landing history

Privately owned spacecraft aims to make moon landing history - Odysseus blasted off last week from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Is this how the BT Tower transformation could look? Inside the wacky properties designed by Thomas Heatherwick who will turn the landmark into a luxury hotel after £257 million deal

The BT Tower landmark is set to be transformed into an 'iconic hotel' after by Heatherwick Studios. Femail takes a look at the properties designed by the architecture firm.

Boeing touts 737 Max as 'the safest airplane,' says China's C919 is similar to what's on the market

Boeing touted its 737 Max aircraft as the "safest airplane" and said China's latest domestic jetliner Comac C919 is similar to offerings by Airbus and Boeing.

Vatican restorers set to work on St. Peter’s centerpiece

VATICAN CITY — The giant bronze-and-wood canopy in the middle of St Peter’s Basilica is being gradually engulfed by scaffolding as Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s masterpiece gets its first major restoration since the mid-1700s. The almost 30-meter-high canopy covers the high altar of the basilica, and was built on the spot where St Peter, the first pope, is believed to have been buried after dying as a Christian martyr in the reign of Roman Emperor Nero...

Striking workers shut Eiffel Tower again ahead of Paris Olympics

PARIS — Striking workers again closed down the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday, the third day running that the landmark expected to be at the heart of celebrations for the Paris Olympics has been off-limits to visitors. A message on the tower’s website also warned of more possible disruptions Thursday, if strikers continue their push for salary hikes and other concessions. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” it said. One of the strikers’...

Explore the Pinnacles, one of the world's weirdest landscapes

Nambung National Park in Western Australia is famed for the Pinnacles Desert it encloses. The desert is so named for the astonishing collection of ancient limestone rock formations that protrude from the sand like the broken fingers of a long-dead giant. These structures draw visitors far and wide to the park, which is also celebrated for its fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Browse the gallery and be amazed by one of the planet's weirdest-looking desert regions.

Cherry Blossom-Like Trees Spotted in Sarangani Province

No need for a visa.

LOOK: Taguig's New Murals Are Good Reason for a Walking Tour

Have you seen all 17 murals?

‘I looked out and gasped’: BT Tower visitors reminisce over London landmark

More than half a century on, Annabel Brown, 71, remembers visiting the BT Tower’s restaurant with her father in 1970 as a young student. “I was new to London and it was breathtaking. My father was someone who really embraced new things, and it was the place to go then. It was totally awe-inspiring because you moved all the time.” Reminiscing about her visit to the London landmark amid the news that the structure is to be converted into an...

Where to find America’s most compelling UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There are currently 24 World Heritage Sites in the US listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), destinations that help define the country’s national identity. How many have you visited? Here we've listed 15 sites for your convenience. Scroll through the gallery for our guide to the nation's heritage highlights.

Old architectural wonders that were destroyed

Over the years, our collective architectural aspirations have progressed forward in impressively futuristic ways, but these newer buildings have been built on the foundations of those that long came before. The only problem is that many of these architectural ancestors have not survived time's relentless effects, and gorgeous old structures which served as libraries, churches, theaters, and museums have been destroyed by war or demolished to make room for parking lots and freeways. These lost structures are doubly impressive because of the time in which they were constructed, without all the modern fixings and machines we have today. Click through to have a look at an architectural history that remains just that, history.

Xia Baolong, top Beijing official overseeing Hong Kong affairs, arrives in city on 7-day fact-finding visit

Beijing’s top official overseeing Hong Kong affairs arrived in the city on Thursday, kicking off a seven-day fact-finding visit with an airport tour followed by briefing sessions with senior government figures. Without addressing the media, Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO), waved from a shuttle bus as he left the airport accompanied by Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu and Zheng Yanxiong, the head of...

US Coast Guard launches boat alert system to keep whales safe

SEATTLE — Photographer Matt McDonald had lived on Puget Sound for years, but had never seen a whale, so he was elated when he spotted a giant marine mammal just off Seattle’s waterfront one evening. The excitement was short-lived. As McDonald tracked the whale in his camera’s viewfinder, a state ferry that dwarfed the animal came into the frame. The next morning he saw on the news that the humpback whale had died in the collision he witnessed....

Active school travel scheme nominated for award

The initiative introduces a temporary road closure outside a school, making it a pedestrian-only zone.

A brief history of famous Moon landings—and failures

A spaceship built by a company in Texas is poised for lunar touchdown on Thursday, returning America to the Moon after more than five decades in what promises to be a historic first for the private sector. Here's a look back at notable attempts—both successful and unsuccessful—at landing on Earth's cosmic companion. First survivable landing The Sov...

The dangers of altitude sickness

Mountain climbers scaling any high peak and skiers in high-altitude locations are susceptible to what's known as altitude sickness, or acute mountain sickness—the negative health effect of high altitude, caused by rapid exposure to low amounts of oxygen at high elevation. The risks associated with the condition should never be underestimated. In extreme cases, it can become a medical emergency if ignored. But what exactly are the dangers associated with altitude sickness, and how can it be avoided? Click through this gallery for a brief explanation of this sometimes misunderstood hazard. And remember to always seek expert medical advice before embarking on any high-altitude expedition.

Explainer: What we know so far on Boljoon’s once-lost pulpit panels

CEBU CITY, Philippines — The latest collection unveiled at the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) sparked not only a renewed interest in history but also prompted the Cebuano community to take action to preserve Cebu’s heritage. The case of the once-missing pulpit panels of Boljoon’s Archdiocesan Shrine of Patrocinio de Maria Santissima is nearly solved. Except for one thing: how did these valuable properties end up in the hands of private...

Sparkle World Tour: Sparkle Goes to Canada!

Canada, get ready for the biggest Sparkle experience with Sparkle’s Best!

This is the favorite destination in Europe for Russian and Chinese spies

World’s Longest Flight Delayed by Aviation’s Supply-Chain Woes

Qantas Airways Ltd. and Air New Zealand Ltd. joined the growing list of airlines hit by delivery delays for aircraft as supply-chain dramas continue to roil the industry.

'Like an addiction': Thousands of Americans fall prey to Mexican cartel timeshare scam

The U.S. Treasury Department estimates the New Generation Jalisco Cartel is bringing in hundreds of million a year linked to timeshare fraud.

Eiffel Tower closed for fourth day as staff strike

France's iconic Eiffel Tower was closed for a fourth day on Thursday as employees extended a strike over the monument's management, unions said. Union representatives were to meet SETE management in the afternoon, they told AFP. Unions have also called on the city of Paris "to be reasonable with their financial demands to ensure the survival of the monument and the company operating it".

The next top destinations for NFL games around the world

It may not be winning back many hearts, but Qantas is making serious money

It may be slightly less profitable and boast a friendlier CEO who says she does “a lot more listening than talking”, but Qantas remains an airline making serious money that could do much more to win back Australians’ hearts. The $1.25bn pre-tax half yearly profit unveiled on Thursday, while down 13% on the same period last year, was still 40% higher than the last half-year trading period before the pandemic upended travel. It was enough to put a...

Angling competition to boost Guernsey tourism

It's hoped the event will help promote Guernsey is as a world-class fishing destination.

Boeing ousts head of 737 jetliner program weeks amid safety concerns

AP Boeing said Wednesday that the head of its 737 jetliner program is leaving the company in an executive shake-up weeks after a door panel blew out on a flight over Oregon, renewing questions about safety at the company.

Tips to have a relaxing spa day at home

If you have ever been to a spa, you'll know that they are a great way to relax, unwind, and forget about the stresses of everyday life. Unfortunately, spas can be a bit pricey to say the least, and not all of us have the luxury of time or money to visit the spa on a regular basis. Luckily, there are things you can do to recreate the spa experience for yourself. Check out this gallery for some tips on how to have a relaxing spa day at home.

Cheap flights under £100 to Spain, Italy and more you can still book in Easter holidays

There are currently flights available for less than £100 return over the Easter bank holiday weekend to destinations including Amsterdam, Budapest, Milan and many others

Consumers ng Maynilad, kanya-kanyang diskarte sa pagtitipid ng tubig

Consumers ng Maynilad, kanya-kanyang diskarte sa pagtitipid ng tubig; Maynilad, nagbigay ng ilang tips para makatipid ng tubig

UPDATED 2024 Philippine Holiday Guide: Non-Working Days for Your Planning

The Philippine government has updated the list of official non-working days for 2024, offering residents the chance to strategically plan their holiday celebrations and long weekends. This new guide includes newly announced special non-working holidays across various regions, commemorating significant founding and cityhood milestones. These new dates are added to the official holidays issued through […] The post UPDATED 2024 Philippine Holiday...

Festivals mark 60 years of nature reserve

Events are being held to mark the anniversary of Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve.

Air New Zealand Eyes Fare Hikes as Costs Rise, Profit Slumps

Air New Zealand said it may raise ticket prices to cover rising costs after reporting a 38% slump in interim earnings and forecasting an even worse second half.

'Lifeline' bus services saved from being axed

A new deal between a council and an operator has prevented the important routes from being cut.

The Bermuda Triangle and other fascinating myths and legends

Cumbrian castle's secret wartime art mission

The castle protected hundreds of valuable paintings from the Tate during the World War Two.

Best and worst places to live in UK during an apocalypse are named - full list of top locations

Whether it's an alien invasion or a zombie outbreak, the study on the incredibly unlikely situation was based on factors such as availability of food and fresh water

Where tourists seldom tread, part 8: five more towns with hidden treasures

Port Talbot Port Talbot recently returned to the spotlight, when Tata Steel announced electrification and layoffs last month and the BBC broadcast Michael Sheen’s television series The Way this week. Politicians and foreign companies can shut down entire towns with impressive equanimity when the factories they are mothballing and the lives they are destroying are invisible. Port Talbot, however, would seem hard to ignore. As you approach on the...