LUNA, LA UNION—“Luna” may evoke visions of romantic moonlit nights but this town, whose name is also the Spanish term for moon, is gaining popularity for its unique houses and artworks created out of seemingly commonplace rocks, stones and pebbles.

After all, the town has a 3-kilometer stretch of pebble beach, which itself is a tourism attraction aside from being a source of livelihood for residents who gather and sell different shapes and colors of pebbles used in gardens and for landscaping.

There are at least three tourism landmarks that have capitalized on stones and pebbles to lure tourists to the town—Bahay na Bato, Bato de Luna Art Gallery and Kamay na Bato, all at Barangay Nalvo Norte.

“Stone is the most abundant resource in the town, so we used it to create something attractive and maybe intriguing,” Beverly Kim, owner of Kamay na Bato and Bato de Luna Art Gallery, said in a recent interview.

Bato de Luna is an expansion of Kamay na Bato owned by Kim Yoon (a Korean who is a naturalized Filipino citizen) and his wife Beverly.

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A turtle-shaped building with its head jutting out of the massive shell and looking towards the sky is the main attraction of Bato de Luna. The building houses 3D paintings of human faces in different expressions.

“The idea is that we may go through different problems and emotions, but at the end of the day, we should be smiling,” Kim said.

Sea turtle haven

Mr. Kim drew inspiration from the enduring lifespan of turtles when he designed the Turtle House, hoping the structure could also endure time.

Kim carves rocks and stones turning these into works of art, mostly images of creatures of the sea like turtles.

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